Gain critical thinking and problem solving skills from a Toyota-trained Lean Sensei by hosting a workshop

This workshop introduces participants to the lean  “Situational Practical Problem Solving” (SPPS) method, as developed and refined by Tom Adair, the Toyota-trained Lean Sensei responsible for developing the problem solving curriculum in Toyota’s first North American plant in Georgetown Kentucky.  The method, tools, and techniques you'll gain from this workshop are the same ones used extensively in the Toyota Production System, or TPS, across the US and Canada.


  • Understand problem solving and how it translates from theory to practiceTom Adair Leading a Situational Practical Problem Solving Workshop
  • Recognize key problem indicators
  • Learn to ask relevant questions (the “5 Whys)
  • Learn to pursue the most efficient solution
  • Learn to deal with complex problems and multiple causes
  • Raise problems from your own workplace
  • Participate in roundtable discussions with the instructor and other participants

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This 2-day course, delivered on or off-site, is interactive, participatory and customizable.  We focus on the practical aspects of problem solving: what you do, why you do it, and how you do it.  Newly learned concepts and techniques are discussed in relation to real-world problem examples as participants experience a full 16 hour program complete with hard copy and digital materials.


Day 1

Day 2

  • Countermeasures
  • Follow-up
  • Case Study with multiple causes
  • Discussion of participants’ own problems, their application of SPPS, and guidance customizing reports
  • Review, recommendations and additional questions and answers period


Situational Practical Problem Solving Book by Tom Adair used in workshopMaterials

Our workshop includes presentation material, checklists and a copy Tom Adair’s recently released e-book, SOLVED! An Approach to Situational Practical Problem Solving,” upon which our workshop is based.  Tom's book is also available on Amazon and it is a valuable resource for anyone interested or responsible for problem solving.




Tom Adair author of Solved! An Approach to Situational Practical Problem Solving Toyota-trained Lean SenseiTom Adair is an internationally known author, lecturer, coach, and Toyota-trained Lean Sensei. He is a veteran of Toyota’s first North American plant in Georgetown Kentucky, retiring as their Quality Circle Administrator with nearly 20 years of service.  He was one of the three original instructors who developed Toyota’s practical problem solving methodology, spending nineteen years coaching on the floor and teaching problem solving methods and tools to thousands of Toyota managers and employees.  He authored numerous Toyota instructional books, including their first book on practical problem solving (still in use across North America).

He went on to teach problem solving to the US Air Force, the US Environmental Protection Agency, and companies in industries as diverse as automotive, pharmaceutical, and healthcare, to name just a few.  Also, he has designed and implemented lean-based improvements and systems around the world for the US military and major international companies.  He has trained and coached everyone from corporation leaders to on-the-ground workforce in such subjects as culture change, problem solving and critical thinking, all essential in developing a learning organization.

“When confronting what seems like an unsolvable problem, the “facts” aren’t necessarily that, and it is only when you recognize it through the repeated practices of critical thinking and problem solving that you find your way to the root cause and the most effective solution.”

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I am interested in hosting a workshop!

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